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"Jamie is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever encountered. I have been seeing Jamie for over 3 years for chronic pain. She really understands the human body. I have seen several therapists in my life and no one has the skill, knowledge, and experience that Jamie provides. I would recommend her HIGHLY to everyone.  If you love deep tissue and/or trigger point you will never find anyone better and I can promise you that!  Plus her reflexology does wonders!"    MJ
"Jamie is in a league of her own. Jamie is by far the best therapist I have ever worked with. In fact we have been working with her for over five years. She listens well and will tailor her approach to a client's specific needs. No therapist can match her skills or her excellent rapport with clients." MA
"Jamie is unusually good. I have experienced massages from a dozen therapists over the years. WJamie's are far and away the best. She uses approprirate pressure throughout the massage, not the light annoying pressure some therapists use. She is better trained than most therapists. And she has what I would call curious and intelligent fingers. She probes my body with them and finds areas that need work that no one else ever has. She thinks like a healer. I have great respect for her work." KS
"Jamie's the best! Jamie has consistently provided the best deep tissue massage in the years I have gone to her, and I have tried several therapists over the years. I highly recommend her to anyone." DE
"Excellent Massage. My experience with Jamie was excellent. She is very knowledgeable and has perfect pressure! Her setting is so relaxing and she puts you to ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone." SM
"Jamie is an excellent therapist with great expertise in deep tissue." Matt S.
"Jamie was friendly, skilled, professional. I very much appreciated her work!" Angela M
"Every massage I have had with Jamie, has been excellent and professional!" Rick P
"Jamie's massage was very therapeutic; she removed my pain in my shoulder with a lot of effort on her part. I am very thankful! Pam H
"Jamie is the best massage therapist I have ever had. She can do any type of massage that I request and she knows what the best technique is to use on the painful areas." Faith D
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